Comenius Project 2012-2014

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The project ”Renewable energy – Europe’s energy source / supply of the future?” was planned as follows:

In the first phase, the term ”energy” was to be defined – then the questions how energy transfer media and carriers have developed throughout history and what means we are able to apply today were needed to be answered.

In this phase the participants developed presentations on their findings. In their working process they discovered advantages and problems – aspects of pollution as well as the fact that fossil fuels, coal and gas will come to an end some day and that we therefore are in need of renewable sources and that the future’s focus needs to be set on sustainability.

In this context an excursion to a coal-fired power station in Borken (near Kassel) helped the pupils understand and carry out their project.

In the project’s second phase pupils researched aspects of climate and geology relating to the development of energy transfer in their home countries. In meetings / conferences the participants presented their results and discussed commonalities and differences in their findings as well as decisions made by politicians / governments.

The third phase’s focus was put on the aspect of modern technology. The participants researched the means necessary to make renewable sources accessible and again explored advantages and disadvantages. They appreciated the relevance of sun-, water-, wind-, biomass and geothermal energy and explored actual progress in technological development.

Information was collected, presentations were attended and relevant sites were visited to understand how technology works and in what ways they are or could be made of use in the region of each partner school.

This way the pupils were able to learn about commonalities and differences in the energy supply of the different countries / regions.

In school lessons experiments and demonstrations were conducted.

In the final phase of the project, the relevance of sustainability and its influence on economy was discussed. Will new job opportunities arise? Will the economy pay for or profit from these developments? In what way will politicians / governments deal with this aspect? Will they be able to undertake the necessary steps or just talk? Are we ready and willing to adjust our lifestyle? These are some of the questions which led to projects in which pupils projected their vision for the next 30 years.

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