Mathematics Visit – Professor Adam McBride

On Monday 11th June, Arran High School will host a visit from Professor Adam McBride of Strathclyde University. He will spend the morning working with National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher students. In the afternoon he will be giving a talk about the latest developments in Mathematics.

Amanda Hogge (Faculty Leader of Mathematics and Numeracy) says “Professor Adam McBride is an influential character. His enthusiasm for the subject is amazing. I am so excited to work with him and our youngsters to help develop their love and passion for Mathematics.”

There will be an open evening session for any interested parties in the High School Theatre starting at 7.30pm. As Adam says, no experience necessary!

This is what Professor has sent us

Maths is BEST

During the last 40 years Mathematics has seen many spectacular developments. On the one hand, problems that have been around for many years (in some cases hundreds of years) have finally been solved. On the other hand, whole new areas have developed in response to the needs of Business, Engineering, Science (including medicine) and Technology. It can be said that Mathematics is the language of the modern world.

However, there is another side to the subject wherein we meet things of great beauty, showing that Mathematics is an Art as well as a Science. We shall explore all these aspects as well as including audience participation and a bit of fun. (Don’t be afraid! No specialist knowledge is required.)