Welcome Back

May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018. I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break.

We are looking forward to a productive year, with many exciting opportunities planned for our young people and staff, as well as the important business of prelim examinations and the SQA examinations in May.

Please see below a list of dates for some of our events this term and a full list of calendar dates can be accessed via the school website.

Prelim timetables are being issued to students this week and I would ask for your support in reinforcing with your son/daughter how important the prelim exams are, both from the point of viewing of gauging progress in learning, but also in relation to having robust evidence of progress in the event of ill health or some other issue preventing a youngster from attempting the SQA exam in May.

Finally, can I encourage parents of senior school students to attend our parents’ evenings next week, to allow us to continue to effectively support you and your son/daughter in achieving their goals this year. I will be available to meet with parents on the night and appointments can be made via the electronic booking system.

I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you throughout 2018.

Barry Smith – Headteacher

Diary Dates ~ January 2018 – March 2018

Tues 16th Jan • S4/6 Parents’ Evening (4.00 p.m. ~ 6.00 p.m.)
Wed 17th Jan • School Photographer in school
• S4/6 Parents’ Evening (7.00 p.m. ~ 9.00 p.m.)
Fri 26th Jan • STEM Careers Day
Mon 29th Jan • Prelims begin (2 weeks)
Mon 5th Feb • Drugs Education Roadshow Week throughout NAC
Wed 7th Feb • HPV Immunisation
Fri 9th Feb • Prelims finish
Mon 12th Feb • Half-term holiday
Tues 13th Feb • Half-term holiday
Wed 14th Feb • In-service Day 4 (students on holiday)
Mon 19th Feb • Initial Option Interviews (All week)
Fri 23rd Feb • ENACTUS – Film Show (Inter-generational event)
• S4/6 Prelim Reports Home
Tues 27th Feb • Parent Council Meeting @ 7.00 p.m.
Thurs 1st Mar • Whole School Open Meeting
Mon 5th Mar • European Youth Conference in Switzerland
Mon 12th Mar • Follow up Student Option Interviews (All week)
Wed 14th Mar • S3 Reports home
Fri 16th Mar • Sport Relief
Wed 28th Mar • S2 Reports home
Thurs 29th Mar • School Closes – Easter Break at 2.30 p.m.

Christmas Party Buses

The arrangements for the buses for the High School Parties this week are as follows :
There have been buses arranged for taking students home via the North End. Also any students travelling to the Southend will go on the String Road Bus and will travel via Shiskine as far as Kildonan.
There will be a smaller bus to take the Whiting Bay only students.

Road Closure Buses

As you will be aware there is a road closure between Whiting Bay and Dippen Head because of a landslide. I would like to confirm with you the arrangements for High School children who live beyond Whiting Bay at the south end of the island.

Bus pick up times will remain as the following, until further notice. Kildonan 8am, Lagg 8.13am, Corriecravie 8.21am.

The Southend bus home (same route) will be leaving school at 3.50pm.

There will be extra-curricular buses running this week. The South end students will need to catch the String Road bus leaving at 4.55pm.
Brodick students are requested to catch the North end bus leaving at 5.05pm to allow space on the String road bus for Southend students.

We are not sure how long it will take to clear the landslide and will let you know as soon as we hear of any change.

Christmas Jumper Day

Today Arran High School have raised a total of £244.98 by wearing our Christmas Jumpers for Save the Children. Thank you to everyone who has donated.

Sleep in the Park

Last Saturday, four girls from Arran High School made the journey from the island to Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, where they took part in ‘Sleep in the Park’. This event, organised by the homeless charity Social Bite, involved 8000 people sleeping out in the park in order to raise money and awareness for homeless people. All four girls – L Shankland, J Miller, R Janse Van Rensburg, and L Robertson – had to raise a minimum of £100.00 each in order to take part, and they returned to school this week to reflect on everything they had learned from this unique, revealing, and powerful experience.

On their journeys to and from the event, they were met with many people thanking them for what they were doing – both homeless people and commuters. The donations and support they have received will go towards Social Bite’s five year plan to tackle homelessness in Scotland – providing new homes and accommodation, a nationwide jobs program, and addiction rehabilitation services. The girls will all be continuing to support Social Bite, fundraising for them both in and out of school, and they are keen to encourage everyone to find out more – which you can do at www.sleepinthepark.co.uk and www.social-bite.co.uk. For the girls, this has been an incredible, eye-opening experience, and one which they hope will become a tradition for Arran High School pupils each year.

Young Scot Card

Do you have a National Entitlement Card (Young Scot)?

You can no longer use your discount travel on trains if you don’t have the pink strip printed on your card.

To request a replacement card please visit:



Enactus 2017

Enactus is an international organisation that pairs entrepreneurship and philanthropy to develop sustainable and beneficial projects in communities.

Enactus has predominantly been for university students and business leaders to date but Glasgow Caledonian University contacted Arran High School and invited them to become a branch of their Enactus group and the first high school in the UK, and possibly the world, to be involved.

When the Glasgow Caledonian Enactus team came to the school the fifth and sixth years had a brain storming session with them and together we complied a large list of issues that we feel need addressed on Arran. The key priority we identified was to get young people and older people working together to challenge two issues that impact on both age groups: isolation and mental health.

Being new to the Enactus family we perhaps didn’t understand fully what Enactus entailed, but after attending the annual World Cup it couldn’t have been clearer…

Enactus is made up of 70,500+ students from 1,700+ universities in 36 countries. Each year they hold a World Cup, hosted all around the world, which 3,500 students, business, academic and government leaders attend. This year, for the first time, it was held in London and we were invited to attend by Glasgow Caledonian University advisors Alec Wersun and Karen Fryer as well as our Business Advisor (and one of the panel of judges) Jean McInnes.

The World Cup took place over 3 days with 36 Enactus teams from around the world presenting their projects to observers and judges and explaining the impact they have had on their community, the changes they have made and what they are going to do next.

After a series of engaging presentations the original 36 teams were filtered down to the final four.

The focus of the different teams were really diverse ranging from food security to sanitation to women’s empowerment and this gave us valuable insight to the problems that affect our world.

As young people we often have a need, a desire to change the world and help – this couldn’t be more apparent at Enactus. By attending the world cup we were able to really understand first-hand the incredible impact that these students are making around the world and the positive changes they are bringing to their communities. Their passion, dedication and enthusiasm was inspiring and definitely set the tone for our project. The atmosphere of the entire competition was amazing, the excitement, the need for change, the support everyone had for each other.

As new members to the Enactus family we hope Arran High School can create a lasting impact and tackle the issues we feel need addressed with the same success and achievement we saw at the world cup.